Crime ring targets shoppers with high-end purchases

HOUSTON – Shopping for luxury designer items at the Galleria ended up costing a woman, who we’ll call Lindsay, in a way she would have never imagined.

“I feel like I'm self-aware and I don't feel like my guard was down that day,” Lindsay said. She and a friend each bought a purse from the Louis Vuitton store, walked around the Galleria for about an hour, left and drove to a nearby restaurant. What happened next is something she will never forget. 

“There was somebody inside the Panera that yelled somebody is breaking into a car,” Lindsay said. Not just any car. It was Lindsay’s car. The high end purses she and her friend bought were nowhere to be found.

“I was disappointed a little bit. scared mad probably every feeling that a normal person feels,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay called police but then decided to play detective. She and her friend went back to the Galleria and stood outside the Louis Vuitton store to watch and wait. They noticed two suspicious looking men.

“They stand or sit by the couches and act like they are talking to each other.  But their cellphone is pointed at the exit of Louis Vuitton and they are taking pictures constantly of you walking out with your bags,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay said police told her it’s all part of an elaborate crime ring that typically involves plenty of sets of eyes both inside and outside the mall.

“I 'd like to see them in jail. I don't want to see this happening to other people,” Lindsay said. 


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