Police suspect man who drove over mother was intoxicated

Son runs over, kills mother during argument in northwest Houston

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – When deputies arrived to the scene, they say they could smell a strong odor of alcohol on the son's breath.

"Her head was right behind the front passenger wheel," says Sam Bilderbach, a neighbor.

Bilderbach still can't get the image out of his head.

He and a friend were coming home from a night out and heard screaming when they pulled into the Chasewood Apartment complex.

"The car was 10 feet in front of the gate, it looked like there was somebody beneath the vehicle. We pulled over and called 911," says Bilderbach.

Not only did he call police but he tried to help the woman who was trapped.

"Somebody passing by helped us to try to lift the car but we couldn’t get enough manpower to get the lady out from underneath it," says Bilderbach.

According to investigators, just a few minutes prior, that woman had been sitting in the back seat of the same vehicle that was now on top of her.

Deputies say her son was driving the car and his girlfriend was sitting in the front passenger seat.

"At some point an altercation occurred in the front seat, and the mother decided she is getting out of the vehicle, at which time the vehicle is put into reverse by our suspect. He ended up backing over his mother, and then pulling forward again, running over her a second time, lodging her under the vehicle, deceased," says Constable Mark Herman of Harris County Precinct 4.

Investigators don't know if the man ran over his mother intentionally, or if it was an accident, but Sam says he was visibly upset.

"They were pretty frantic, and screaming and yelling, and running around the car and at one point in time they crouched down and were praying," says Bilderbach.

The son refused a Breathalyzer test at the scene, but deputies got a warrant to take a sample of his blood.

Charges are pending the outcome of the toxicology report.