Flooding concerns persist in east Texas despite water receding

NEWTON COUNTY, Texas – It was devastation in Deweyville, Newton County, where water has receded a little in the last two days, but families still couldn't return to their flooded homes.

“I cried myself to sleep last night,” resident Patricia McGowen said.

Even trenches around the homes couldn't stop the high water.

“It's up to the rafters in the house, and we had to leave so fast Sunday, the only thing is what we can throw in the truck real fast,” said resident Jerry Moore.

With everything they saved behind them, Moore and McGowen were staying with friends until they can go back home, where 8 feet of water seeped inside.

“We're dreading it, but we're ready to get her done,” said Moore.

For a week, the Brown family closed their country store and turned it into a place to stay.

“We're camping out since we got water in our homes. Just trying to stay dry,” said store owner Michael Brown.

Next, they'll have to regrow the 42 acres of crops they use to make a living at the store.

“We lost everything, every berry and plant that we own down there,” said Brown's father.

Families said as soon as local leaders lift mandatory evacuations, they'll move forward and overcome as a community.

“We have our lives and we're going have to rebuild. That's all we can do,” said McGowen.

“We've lost everything, but we're going make it. We've got our lives, and the good Lord helped us,” said Moore.

Officials said the mandatory evacuation could be lifted on Monday.

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