Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio hosts rally in Houston

HOUSTON – Supporters of presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio packed the ballroom at the Marriot Hotel near Hobby Airport. 

Rubio appeared in Houston fresh off of a second place finish to Donald Trump in Nevada. 

Rubio said God blessed Texas with lots of oil and said he was “schooled” about “H-Town” before he appeared on stage.

Rubio told his supporters, “I’m asking you to entrust me with the presidency of the United States of America.” He said in that job, he would repeal Obamacare, reverse every executive order signed by President Obama and would take care of our veterans.

Rubio said, “Our children can either be the freest and the most prosperous Americans that have ever lived or our children can be the first Americans that inherit a country worse off than their parents.  There’s only two ways forward and we have to make that choice right now.”

The Texas vote is critical to Rubio who has not yet won a single state victory in the four states that have held elections.