2 babies kidnapped during car theft in southeast Houston


HOUSTON – Two infants are safe and have been reunited with their mother after they were kidnapped during a car theft.

Police said a woman was inside a convenience store at a gas station on MLK and Selinsky at about 1 a.m. when someone stole her car with the 4-month-old twins riding in the back.

The mother of the twins spoke to KPRC 2 and identified herself as "Ebony."

"I left the car on with the kids in the car because I had the windows up with the heat on for the babies. I walked in the store and I said I'm get me some ice. I paid for the ice, I came back outside and my car was gone," said Ebony. "I was like 'Are you serious? My car? My kids in the car! You have to be playing a game on me.'"

"She come into the store, buy ice cup, she pay me money and goes to her car but it's not there. And then she comes in here and says, 'My kids, my car was stolen" store clerk Muhammad Arain said.

[RAW: Video shows moments when car was stolen]

Officers searched the area and used helicopters to find the car.

"At the time, I didn't care about the car, I just wanted my kids. That's it, that's all," said Ebony.

About 30 minutes later, an officer near Greylog and Glenhollow heard a child's cry and found the two infants, Kamarion and Kamaria, under a bush next to a streetlight. Police said the kids were checked out and are OK.

"[I] had the window down, heard a child crying. Located the children under a streetlight and located the two car seats on the side of the road. The two children appeared to be OK," Houston police Sgt. Larry Crowson said.

"I really just have no words, no respect for you because how you get in the car and not see two big old car seats?" said Ebony.

Police are still searching for the car described by Ebony as a 2004 gold Toyota Camry.

Investigators believe the suspects responsible for the car theft may also be responsible for another robbery in the area when someone was held up at gunpoint.