Thief stings Woodlands business by posing as customer

HOUSTON – A man made off with credit cards and at least one purse after posing as a customer at a Woodlands real estate office. The thief walked into the ReMax on Woodlands Parkway Tuesday afternoon.

"The gentlemen came in with the pretense that he was going to purchase a couple of properties,” said broker Raul Giorgi.

Giorgi said the man met with a real estate agent in a conference room and then asked to use the bathroom. Giorgi, a retired Houston police lieutenant, said the man then proceeded to roam the halls, enter at least three offices and rifle through purses.

"Obviously this is an opportunist who felt very comfortable with the environment of an office,” said Giorgi.

Surveillance cameras at the business show the man pulling into the building’s parking lot in a white, Audi SUV with paper license plates. The man is then seen trying to enter the business through an employee entrance, but the door was locked. He then enters through the office’s main entrance.

Giorgi said the man came into the office during the lunch hour when many people were out of their offices. Giorgi added it is not unusual to see strange faces in the halls given the high volume of customers coming into the business.

After rifling through wallets and grabbing credit cards, the man is seen heading back to the front of the business. Giorgi said when the man returned to the front, the receptionist was gone from her desk but left her purse behind. The man is then seen on video lunging over the desk to grab the woman’s purse before walking out of the office.

"Just like he did here, he could do it somewhere else,” said Giorgi.

Giorgi said one of the credit cards taken from an office was later used to rack up hundreds of dollars in charges at a Target off the north freeway near Cypresswood. Giorgi said the store does have video of the man who made the purchase, and that video is being handed over to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.