Heated exchange caught on video leads to gunfire

Police search for suspects after reports of gunfire near elementary school


HOUSTON – A heated exchange leads to gunfire just blocks from an HISD elementary school, and it is all caught on cellphone video.

Police are looking for these two men. They say they were with a woman when they threatened a wrecker driver and then shot at another one.

"He said if a cop showed up or if anything ever happened to him that he would kill me and my family," says wrecker driver.

The wrecker driver asked us to conceal his identity. He says around 7:30 this morning, he spotted a disabled vehicle on 288 near Yellowstone.

He towed them to this parking lot off the freeway near Holly Hall.

"I started doing a tow slip which we have to do, at that time I go to the get the license plate and vin number, I told him it was procedure," says wrecker driver.

The suspects became angry. One of them pulled out a gun and threaten the wrecker driver's life and his family.

Video shows the suspect in a tirade in the neighborhood 

"Noticed the driver get out of the car with the handgun, proceeded to walk towards me, told me if a cop showed up and harmed a hair on his head he would take my life. At that time I hit my two way radio and called for help, through wrecker drivers and dispatch," says wrecker driver.


He says another wrecker came to help and followed the suspects who took off on foot. He says they started shooting toward the wrecker and also shot several times in the air.


"I heard pow, pow, I came outside, we all ran outside to see what happened. I saw the man, standing next to the PT cruiser, he shot like five or six times in the air," says Kimberley Greenwood, a neighbor.


Police say a person in a gray PT cruiser came and picked them up. Police believe the original car they were in was stolen in an armed robbery.


Whidby Elementary, in the 7600 block of Springhill Street, was put on lockdown for a short time but it has since been lifted.


Police say the man with the gun is described as a black man with red hair, gold teeth, a scar on the back of his head and tattoos on his neck. He is approximately 5 foot 5 inches tall.


He and the other male suspect were wearing camouflage like they had just gotten out of the Army. Houston police searched the area for the possible gunmen, but they have not been located.