Houston man makes plea to return stolen parrot

HOUSTON – A Houston man is desperately searching for his pet parrot - after someone stole it from his home.

It happened Tuesday at around 10:30 a.m. at Ray Farahani’s house in the Brooke Smith neighborhood. “I was devastated,” Farahani said.

Farahani had his Quaker parrot for five years - after inheriting it from a distant relative. “I specifically fell in love with parrots, because they're so personable, and they typically bond with one person,” Farahani said.

He says someone broke into his house through a back window, then ransacked the place, stealing a flat screen TV, DVDs and a stereo. But it’s the parrot that really has him upset. “To think that someone would steal my parrot so they could make money off it, they could make $50 maximum,” Farahani said.

A neighbor says he saw the person, who stole the parrot, and other belongings drive off in a 2006 Dodge Ram red pickup, which was captured on surveillance video. The pickup has a silver bottom.

Farahani is now offering a $500 reward for anyone with information. He has posted pictures of his parrot across his neighborhood and he is asking anyone with information to call 713-405-9340. People can also call Houston police.