WATCH: Dad beat boxes to teach daughter how to crawl

Aaron White/YouTube
Aaron White/YouTube

Ke'Tara Wells/Staff

Youth advocate and poet Aaron White is probably the coolest dad ever, since he just put out his new daddy and daughter mix tape.

The Los Angeles dad went viral after posting a video on YouTube titled "Let's Crawl" teaching his daughter, Claile how to crawl. The video has also been shared on Facebook generating more than 2.7 million views.

“I've been beat boxing and using catchy music lyrics to get my daughter to mimic me. I noticed her starting to crawl and I wanted to get into her world and enjoy the experience with her.” He also shares that this is not the first time the daddy and daughter duo have performed together, but rather a routine.

"She loves it. I have numerous videos of her laughing and moving to me beat boxing and tapping to her. It brings instant joy.”

White said they sing and dance almost every day, even during her diaper changes, taking baths and tummy time, which are her favorite.

“I never had a father growing up. I always yearned for moments like this. To be able to do this with my little girl brings so much healing. When I share I always hope it uplifts a man who is struggling to be a father to connect with their child. With every post my desire is that there's one less kid that deals with abandonment like I did. “

White says that he and his wife have worked with foster care youth, group home youth and juvenile detention center youth for 6 years through their company Slingshot Media.

Their focus is to teach life skills, creative arts and show abandoned youth how to build healthy relationships among men and women, as they work as youth pastors at Oasis Church located in Los Angeles.