Decapitated dog piques police interest in potential Liberty County animal cruelty cases


HOUSTON – The Liberty County Sheriff's Department received information that three dogs were dead in a ditch near the intersection of FM 1008 and CR 2323 in south Liberty County on Monday.

Upon arriving on the scene, an officer discovered the bodies of the first two dogs, both brown in color, lying next to the intersection.

One of the carcasses appeared to be deliberately decapitated due to a clean cut at the neck where the head had been severed.

During the investigation, a local resident informed police that the dogs had been there for around three to four weeks, and that there was a third dog farther down the road.

Police discovered a third dog, which they described as a gray pit bull wearing a collar. According to police, it appeared as if the dog had been dumped in the ditch, due to the boot prints in the mud next to the body.

Police do not believe the dogs were struck by any vehicles, but due to the circumstances, they do believe there is a strong possibility of abuse.

Due to recent rain and decomposition of the dogs, it was not possible to determine any external wounds, such as gunshot wounds or lacerations. Police can't confirm that this is a case of animal cruelty, but are still asking for the public's help in the matter.

Anyone with any information on these animals or any other dogs found in this area are asked to report the findings to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 936-336-4500.