Teen suffering from severe autism attacks, bites bus driver


DEER PARK, Texas – A bus driver for a special needs school in Deer Park Independent School District was attacked Friday when a student suffering from severe autism had a violent episode, according to school administrators.

The bus was transporting three students to the AB School East, which provides instructional services for students with challenging social, emotional, and behavioral disabilities. Administrators said a student on board became agitated while the bus was parked in the school's drop-off lane.

DPISD said two bus monitors tried to restrain the student and were pushed and bitten. The student was eventually secured with a harness and seated at the back of the bus. The student was later escorted from the bus safely and his father was notified about the incident, administrators said.

Administrators said the incident is being review to determine if the best safe procedures are place for these types of incidents.

The monitors involved in the incident has been in her current position for over three years, and she has received training for responding to disruptive and agitated individuals, according to administrators.

The district said at no point was the student a danger to the bus monitors or other students on the bus.

DPISD said the center exists to provide unique instructional opportunities that public school districts have neither the facilities nor the expertise to provide.