Customer shot during Dollar General robbery; police search for shooter

LA PORTE, Texas – Police are on the hunt for two men accused of robbing a Dollar General and shooting a customer Sunday in La Porte.

Investigators said two armed African American men wearing bandannas over their faces entered the store at 10405 W. Fairmont Parkway at around 9 p.m.  As one of the robbers walked up to the register, roughed up the cashier and demanded money, the other spotted a customer hiding behind a shelf and shot him once in the torso, police said.

Another employee told the thieves, who continued to demand money, that a key was needed to open the register, and she provided it, according to investigators. The cashier opened the register, put the money in a yellow plastic Dollar General bag and gave it to the two men, police said.

The thieves ran from the store and got away in an unknown vehicle.

“We'll check every possible lead, follow every lead to the smallest detail,” Asst. Chief S. Deardorff said. 

The condition of the wounded customer is unknown.

Nervous customers said they will be watching their backs from now on.
“I think it's a shame you can't even go to the dollar store without worried about getting robbed,” customer Marcus Page said.

Anyone who recognizes the men or who has any information about the robbery is asked to contact the La Porte Police Department at 281-471-2141.

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