Community upset after driver does doughnuts near family-filled playground

Families in one Alvin community were upset after they caught a driver in an SUV doing doughnuts near a playground full of families.

“The grass is just ripped apart," Stacy Todd said.

Most of the time it's only the kids playing at the park, but on Wednesday afternoon it was interrupted. Todd shot cellphone video from her home.

“I saw a black Jeep that was doing 360s and driving around the park and doing more,” said Todd.

The mother of three often takes her children to the park at Saddlecreek and Stallion Ridge. She said it looked like the teenagers inside the SUV were on a dangerous joy ride.

“There were people at the park, we were getting ready to go to the park and they just looked like they were just having a heyday,” she said.

Grandfather Kyle Rutkowske lives nearby and on Friday, he took his 1-year-old grandson Brandon to the playground.

“It's concerning because we bring our grandkids out here,” Rutkowske said. “I would've probably told them to stop or try to get them to stop.”

The homeowners association reported the incident to Alvin police. Community members wanted the driver to be held accountable.

“If whoever did this doesn't have a consequence, he's never going learn from it and he's going to do it somewhere else and he could end up hurting someone or himself,” Todd said.

Anyone who has information or recognizes the black Jeep to is urged to call Alvin police at 281-388-4370.

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