Power outage problems plague Sienna Plantation

FORT BEND COUNTY, County – Life for homeowners in Sienna Plantation is darn near perfect.

“It’s got a great sense of community,” Greg Lawn said. But there’s one big problem. “The electricity isn’t very reliable,” Lawn said.

Lawn, a software consultant who works from home, says his neighborhood routinely experiences power outages in the middle of the day, rain or shine. “There's no firm answer,” Lawn said. He’s not alone.

The outages at Windy Sky Wind Hogue’s house are frequent. “We don't bother setting the clocks anymore,”

Wind Hogue said. It’s not just annoying. It’s getting expensive. The surges, she says, have damaged her TVs and computers.

Homeowners believe the power grid simply can’t keep up with the demands of their booming community. “It’s disturbing, confusing, upsetting and especially to not ... have (received an) answer,”

Wind Hogue said.

Centerpoint Energy says there is nothing wrong with the system.

The utility blames it on tree growth spurred by all the rain we had last year and on wildlife.

As a result, tree trimming has increased near power lines and additional steps will be taken this year.

“Installing some intelligent grid devices on our lines where we'll be able to isolate the power line a bit so if a limb comes in contact with a line it might not affect as many customers, said Alicia Dixon, a spokeswoman for Centerpoint Energy.

Lawn is willing to give Centerpoint the benefit of the doubt. “I just hope we keep our power on,” Lawn said.

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