Family searching for good Samaritan who returned lost wallet

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A Katy man and his family have launched an online campaign to find the good Samaritan who returned the man's wallet undisturbed after he lost it in a busy parking lot.

John Dusek had feared the worst. He and his family thought all hope was gone. You know the feeling: when you've lost your wallet or purse with everything in it.

"I could tell from the tone in his voice something had happened and he was not happy," recalled Dusek's wife Tanya. "He used a few choice words with me," she remembers, laughing.

That was until a perfect stranger showed up and hand-delivered Dusek's wallet to his front door.

Dusek had gone shopping in his Katy neighborhood Wednesday afternoon at the Home Depot at I-10 and Fry Road. He returned to work and couldn't find his wallet anywhere.

"Evidently I leave my wallet on the back of my truck and drove off and left it in the parking lot," Dusek said.

After a frantic family search and the cancelling of ATM cards a man in a blue work shirt and blue jeans shows up with the wallet in hand, fully in tact, with Dusek's cash, credit cards, and even his Powerball tickets undisturbed. But in all the excitement John's daughter forgot to find out who the man was.

"I was very excited and shocked," said Dusek's daughter Erin Nicely. "I was just trying to get to my dad before he cancelled any cards and did not get his name."

All they have is the video from their surveillance cameras and they are hoping someone recognizes the good Samaritan. They simply want to say "thank you."

"We don't have a lot but we would like to do something nice for him," Tanya said. "But most importantly just let him know how appreciative we are for his honesty."

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