Vandals targeting cars at Bush Airport


HOUSTON – A Houston-area woman said she thought her car was safe when she parked near Bush Airport when she left for her holiday break.  But when she came back, she said she found a surprise present.  

She said she left her car at the Parking Spot on Will Clayton.  But when she returned home, she found her window was broken and a note from the general manager offering her $250 for the damage. She said the damage alone added up to nearly $1,000. Plus, adding to the cost, her tennis shoes and laptop were stolen.

She told KPRC 2, “The worse is that you left the car where it was to be safe.  Where things are expected to be safe.  And it wasn't.  It was a terrible surprise.”  She added, “My policy is for my deductible is for $500.  And to just replace the window, I have to spend almost $1,000.”

KPRC 2 contacted the parking spot.  A manager there said it does what it can to protect its customers, including hiring off-duty police officers to patrol its lots.  It said there were other customers who also had their cars vandalized and promised to work with each.  After our call to the Parking Spot, this victim also got a call.  She said, “The VP contacted me today and he was very kind and he working with me to repair the damage.”

KPRC 2 also checked with the Houston Airports and were told that there are occasional reports of vandalism at airport parking but no reports of widespread problems.