Sunday offering money stolen from Galveston church

GALVESTON, Texas – Police are investigating a burglary at St. Mary's Basilica Cathedral in downtown Galveston after someone walked away with an unknown amount of money Sunday.

"Theft is widely regarded as wrong in society but theft from a church strikes a different nerve," said Michael Gray, public information officer for the Galveston Police Department.

For more than half a century Sarah Everling has called Galveston home.

"(It's a) beautiful church," Everling said, who has been to St. Mary's a number of times.

She said she heard about the theft on Sunday.

"I guess if you are desperate you'd rob anywhere," Everling said.

Galveston police said just before 2 p.m., after a packed service, someone walked away with donations that weren't for them.

"There were two collection bags; one for each service. Money from the offering is placed in those bags and someone inside the church at that time stole one of the bags," Gray said.

Gray added there was no sign of a break-in and it's unclear if someone at the service who took the money.

Despite it all, Everling doesn't feel uneasy about going to church.

"It's as safe as anywhere else. It's as safe as going to a restaurant," Everling said.

People at the church didn't have time to count the money before it was stolen so the amount of cash is unknown, police said.

KPRC 2 made multiple calls to the church Monday for comment but we haven't heard back.