Man punches off-duty police officer at METRO train station near NRG Stadium

HOUSTON – A Texans fan punched an off-duty police officer in the face at a METRO train station near NRG Stadium, according to a Metro Police Department report.

It happened Saturday after the Texans playoff game and surveillance cameras recorded the incident on video.

The METRORail Reliant Platform video shows a Texans fan in a gray sweater making some type of gesture and what appears to be blowing a kiss to someone who is not in the frame of video.

The fan then yells "mamacita" to someone on the platform. A woman in a white jacket appears in the video on the platform seconds later and makes a gesture to the man to approach her.

The fan runs to the train doors and when they open, the woman, who is standing on the platform, slaps the man across the face.

METRO told KPRC 2 the woman is a METRO employee, who works for the company's CEO.

The company released the following statement to KPRC 2: "This incident involved an intoxicated man who made comments that (our employee) describes as vulgar and disrespectful of women. This did not happen on company time and no charges were filed."

But the confrontation did not end there.

The METRO employee is seen in the video with another woman and a man, who are reportedly the employee's daughter and son-in-law.

When the METRO employee's son-in-law approaches the train after she slaps the Texans fan, the fan punches the son-in-law in the face.

The guy he punched can be heard in the video identifying himself as an off-duty HPD officer.

"You just hit an HPD officer!" he screams.

Police arrived shortly after and they cuffed the Texans fan and took him away.

KPRC 2 spoke to the Texans fan on the phone. He declined a request for an interview but said he punched the woman's son-in-law in the face because the man charged at him. The fan also denied allegations that he made any remarks to the woman.

Nobody involved in the incident was charged.