6 interesting purchases if you win the Powerball jackpot

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The Texas Powerball jackpot has jumped to a record-breaking $1.3 billion, according to an announcement from the Texas Lottery Commission. Here's a list of interesting purchases and activities for the lucky winner.

1. Stack your winnings almost 70 miles high

The Endowment for Human Development says $1 billion dollars stacked into a tower would reach 358,510 feet or 67.9 miles high. The stack would tower over the tallest mountain in the world Mount Everest, which is only 29,029 feet tall.

2.  Take an 10-12 day vacation into outer space

The Virginia-based space tourism company Space Adventures allows its travelers to visit the International Space Station during scheduled crew rotations. Space Adventures said the price of the orbital flight is approximately $50 million and offers the option of a 90-minute space walk for an additional $15 million.

3.  The world's largest or fastest airplanes

The Airbus A380 costs $404 per unit and is considered the largest passenger airplane in the world. This ultimate mini-van of airplanes can accommodate up to 853 people. On the other hand, if the winner is looking for something a little more sporty, he or she can purchase five F-35C Lightning II Fighter jets for $1 billion.

4.  A 1963 Ferrari GTO

The luxury sports car sells for $988 million dollars and is one of only 39 models ever made, according to Therichest.com

5. The world's most expensive house

The Antilia Mumbai in India is possibly the most expensive house in the world. Valued at $1 billion, it has 27 floors and a full-time household staff of about 600 service men and women, according to Business Insider.  

6. A tropical island

The Solomon Islands is a country of several large islands located east of Papua New Guinea. It would cost nearly $1 billion to purchase one of these luxurious tropical islands, according to Therichest.com

Of course, if the winner is feeling generous, the winnings can be evenly shared with every United States citizen. The winner would handout  $4.33 to each person.