Police: One man shot after using pellet gun in robbery

Other suspected robbers took off leaving friend for dead

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Houston – Houston police said a man with pellet gun tried to rob a group of bar employees leaving work in Rice Military along the Washington Avenue Corridor.

According to police the group got into their car on Jackson Hill Street. That's when a group of robbers surrounded their car to rob them, police said.

Police said someone in the car grabbed a gun and shot at least one of the robbers.

"We're going to carry and we're prepared," one victim said. "It wasn't scary. We're prior military service guys. So this was just like a regular reaction to us."

The robbers took off in a white sedan after the shooting, ditching their wounded friend. They got away with a purse, police said. 

"There is no leads at this time as to who the other suspect is.  We're looking for just a white sedan, maybe an Impala is the only description that we got," Officer Jeremy Spurlock, with the Houston Police Department, said.

Another robber may have been hit. Officers are waiting to see if he shows up at a hospital. Police believe one bullet went through a window across the street from the parking lot and hit an elevator.

Police said the suspect who was shot was rushed to the hospital and into surgery. He is expected to survive. He faces an aggravated robbery charge.