Former residents file lawsuit against apartment manager over bed bugs

HOUSTON – Two Houston women are suing a local apartment complex for a bed bug infestation they say was created before they even moved into the building.

Val Palmer says she woke up to more than 50 bed bug bites after spending the first night there in fact.

"All over my body. Back of my neck, my chest, my arms, my hands, my face," Palmer said. "It was everywhere."

The women said they had just started their lease in February at the Memorial Heights at Washington Apartments at the corner of Heights Boulevard and Washington Avenue. After catching several of the insects as proof, they said what disturbed them almost as much as the bites was the response by management.

"That's what was really disheartening," said Palmer's roommate Katelynn McClelland. "That they would not even want to help us by giving us a hotel room."

Palmer and McClelland now live in a new complex in a fairly empty apartment because they say they were forced to discard most of their furniture and clothes. They hope the lawsuit filed on their behalf against the complex and the group that owns it will not just repair the financial, medical and emotional damage they said they endured but help the next tenants who deal with a similar situation.

"Hopefully we can get some policy that will protect consumers like us under the law," McClelland said. "We need protection when this happens because we know we're not the only ones."

KPRC 2 reached out BKR Memorial, LLC, the company that owns the Memorial Heights complex, and to the complex's managers as well for comment but we did not hear back.

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