Thieves target popular Christmas laser lights

HOUSTON – Laser Christmas lights are popular this season. They are sold out in most stores and prime targets for thieves.

The Eastmans had the lights at their Westbury home.

"It was covered in red and green dots and it looked cool," Adeline Eastman said.

The lights were stolen from the Eastman family's front yard Saturday.

"A fellow ran out of the back of the car and grabbed their Christmas ornaments, the lights that spray up on the house," neighbor Jim Young said. "In and out, they were gone in five seconds."

Young tried to get a license plate as the thieves sped off.

"If they'd had gone to the left, they would have hit me," Young said. "But they luckily turned to the right for my sake."

For the Eastman's young daughters, it's a real life lesson that not everyone is in the Christmas spirit.

"I think that it's not very nice for people to steal things and I just wish there wasn't such a thing as bad guys," Corinne Eastman said.

"It was very Grinch-like," Laura Eastman said. "We're hoping that the Grinch grows a heart and brings them back, right?"

The decorations are popular because they are easy to install, but that also means they're easy for thieves to take out.

The Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office is investigating the case.

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