Ticket quota controversy in Harris County Precinct 2 Constable's Office

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A Harris County Precinct 2 superior ordered deputy constables to issue more tickets, according to a source.

"Oh, no! Can't do that. No, no. We don't want tickets," said Rosemary Tamayo.

Most people feel the same way.

"I can't believe that. More tickets," said Eva Benjamin.

Precinct 2 deputy constables cover parts of east Houston, Pasadena, South Houston and south along Interstate 45.

"They're writing too many tickets right now as it is, so it's not beneficial for us as drivers," said Jennifer Araujo.

KPRC Channel 2 News exclusively obtained an email sent from a sergeant to his staff. It said: “Make sure you are writing citations out for JP 2-1 Judge Delgado court. It was brought to my attention that we need to write more citations."

"That's not right. They should just do their job whatever comes natural, like people breaking the law. Do your job, that's all," said Santos Hernandez.

Constable Jerry Luman said supervisors only remind their deputy constables to watch for violations.

"Public safety is our main concern," Luman said.

A legal expert KPRC 2 spoke with said quotas are illegal, but it's not wrong for leaders to encourage officers to be vigilant and watch for people breaking the law.

Legal or not, residents were upset.

"It's unfair, but you just got to live with it," said Araujo.

Leaders said in one area of Precinct 2, they issued more than 1,800 tickets last year. This year, they're on track for a similar amount in the same area.

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