Woman driving with cast on foot crashes SUV into several vehicles, apartment

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A woman wearing a cast on her foot caused quite a bit of damage Friday after slamming into several vehicles in a north Harris County apartment parking lot.

It happened around 10 a.m. in the 17000 block of Cali, behind Houston Northwest Medical Center.
According to Harris County Sheriff's deputies, the woman was backing out of a parking space when her cast got stuck on the gas pedal.

The woman's SUV careened across the parking lot and struck a car, then skidded and slammed into another one.

The woman placed the car in drive, but her cast was still caught in the pedal.
She drove forward across the parking lot, where she crashed into a third vehicle. The third vehicle then struck a fourth vehicle.

It did not end there. 

The woman accelerated again, crashing her SUV into the apartment building.  A resident who was sleeping inside the unit that was struck was not hurt.