Pet stolen from Friendswood home in burglary

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – A family is distraught over their puppy who went missing after a home break-in six days ago.

Amanda and Michael Gibbs discovered someone had kicked down the back door of their home in 5100 block of Roya Parkway.

A TV, dozens of DVDs, a Playstation, laptop and other electronics where stolen but their most valuable possession is Hendrix, a Yorkie puppy.

"The bathroom door was open, where Hendrix was, and he was nowhere," said Amanda Gibbs.  She discovered her home had been broken into when she arrived home on Nov. 10.

At first the Gibbs didn't know if Hendrix had been stolen or if he escaped out the back door because the burglar had left it wide open.  The next day they discovered Hendrix's pet carrier was missing and they knew the thieves walked off with him.

"They're gonna come here and steal everything," said Michael Gibbs.  "Why wouldn't they take an expensive dog?"

The Gibbs said their 7-year-old son is most upset about losing Hendrix.
The family has spent a lot of time looking for him on Craigslist and around the neighborhood but so far, nothing.

The Freindswood Police Department is also investigating

"I just hope he's safe," Michael said. "And obviously I hope they find whoever did this."

"The rest of this stuff can be replaced," Amanda said. "But we can't replace him."