Paramedic witnesses driver headed in wrong direction on Highway 290

CYPRESS, Texas – A Cypress man headed to work Monday morning said he witnessed a person driving the wrong way on Highway 290 and the Beltway.

"I had to cover a shift in an ambulance," said John Kelley, who is a paramedic with City Ambulance Service. "It was about 1:50 in the morning. I was on my way to the ambulance (when) I noticed headlights in my rear-view mirror coming from the westbound lanes but heading eastbound."

Kelley told KPRC 2 News that he recorded video of the wrong-way driver on his cellphone as the person drove the wrong way on Highway 290 and then up the off-ramp for the Beltway that connects to Highway 290.

"There was semi-trucks, cars and other trucks and vehicles that were actually not swerving to get around him, but had to miss him on that side of traffic," said Kelley. "They appeared very controlled in everything that they were doing. I didn't see them swerving anywhere. That's what was weird about the situation."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said there were no wrong-way crashes reported in the area this morning.