New Barbie ad breaks barriers, features boy

(Moschino Barbie/Youtube)

HOUSTON – There's a new Barbie in town and her ad is drawing a lot of attention.

Mattel teamed up with luxury Italian fashion line, Moschino, to break barriers and the stereo-type that Barbie is for girls. Moschino Barbie is the first to feature a boy in its commercial.

The ad opens with two girls raving about the "totally hot, totally cool" collector's piece. Then enters an ultra-trendy boy exclaiming, "Moschino Barbie is so fierce!" He then ends his appearance with a slick wink at the camera.

Making a tremendous debut Nov. 9, Moschino Barbie sold out in less than an hour. Jeremy Scott, Moschino's creative director, took to Instagram posting, "MOSCHINO BARBIE SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN AN HOUR ! WOW ! BARBIE AND I THANK U FOR ALL THE LOVE ! #MOSCHINOBARBIE."