Gator captured under vehicle in local high school parking lot

HOUSTON – Monday was a busy day for local alligator hunters. One gator was found under a vehicle in the parking lot of a local high school. KPRC 2 was there when it was captured.

Robert and Donna Roller have a 6- to 8-foot long alligator living in the pond in front of their home in Damon in Brazoria County. They called alligator hunter Christy Kroboth. As soon as she got there, she got another call.

There was an alligator under a car at George Ranch High School. Kroboth said a maintenance worker spotted it under an SUV just minutes before school let out.

She quickly captured it, taped up its snout and safely carried it away.

"Glad we got it before school let out," Kroboth said.

Catching the much bigger gator in the pond will take more time. Another hunter, who calls himself Gator Chris, tried to sneak up on it. Instead, the gator went into the water.

One thing that is on the hunter's side is that the gator has to come up to breathe.