Experts describe communication methods for Paris attackers

ISIS known to communicate through PlayStation 4 consoles


HOUSTON – Days after the deadly terror attacks in Paris, authorities are forming a clearer picture of the threat ISIS poses and the way terrorists may be communicating. They say the group communicates through video game consoles and cellphones.

"I believe terror through technology is a very scary thing," said Oshea Phillips, who is concerned about cybersecurity.

According to intelligence officials, ISIS and its terror suspects have been known to use PlayStation 4 consoles to message and chat with one another. They also use smartphone apps designed to delete messages after a certain time frame.

"It's a playground where you can hide in plain sight," said Lance James, a cybersecurity expert. "You can put together a working group of members such as a terrorist organization, communicate on your plans and then dissipate and it's gone."

While the method of communicating through technology isn't necessarily new, it is always evolving, which is why local law enforcement is doing the same.

"We are constantly improving our capabilities when it deals with cyber," said Sheriff Ron Hickman of the HCSO. "One thing I wanted to bring to the Sheriff's Office is a heightened level of skill set."

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