Caught on camera: Hit-and-run driver in Midtown


HOUSTON – A hit-and-run accident around 10:30 p.m. Saturday in Midtown was caught on camera.

Video from a dashboard camera in another vehicle shows a wrong-way driver crossing into the path of a vehicle driving through an intersection. The wrong-way driver spun out, then drove off.

After watching the driver leave, the couple in the car had to act fast to save themselves.

"My door wouldn't open and the cabin was filling with smoke," victim Quinn Olivarez said. "My next instinct was, you know, get out of the car. So, I asked my girlfriend to open her door so she could get out and I could get out as well."

Olivarez said the driver continued down another one-way street.

No one was hurt.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the car and calls police.