The best days for holiday shopping

HOUSTON – When it comes to picking out the perfect holiday present, shoppers don't want to start too late or load up the cart too early.

 While waiting in line for hours on Black Friday and Thanksgiving can add up to big savings, there's a chance shoppers will see way more out of stock notices, too. To avoid that problem, shop on the Monday before Thanksgiving. That's actually the cheapest day to buy electronics, with the average discount at 20 percent off.

And Cyber Monday is the cheapest time to buy the hottest toys of the season.

"I will circle two days on my calendar, Cyber Monday and Shipping Day, because those are my beginning and ending days where I have to buy all of my children's gifts online," said Bryan Leach.

Leach is the CEO of IBotta, a popular shopping app. He said the best deals overall are still available between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. In November, the discounts average out at about 27 percent. Prices drop again on Dec. 23, but shoppers face the risk of things being out of stock.

Leach recommends finishing up the holiday shopping by Dec. 20.