The best days for holiday shopping

HOUSTON – The clock is ticking, the shopping days are coming fast!

Making sense of all those major shopping days and when to get the best possible deals can be pretty exhausting.

As Sofia Ojeda shows us, you don't want to start your shopping too late, and you don't want to start too early either!

"If you're buying a high ticket item, it's probably better to wait until the holiday season kicks off because they're not going to put those items on sale before Thanksgiving," says Bryan Leach, CEO of Ibotta.

While waiting in line for hours on Black Friday and even Thanksgiving will get you some really great bargains including some of the biggest discounts, you'll find way more out of stock notices too.

The Monday before Thanksgiving is actually the cheapest day to buy electronics, average discount almost 20 percent off.

can't forget Cyber Monday, the cheapest time to buy those toys.

"So I will circle two days on my calendar, cyber Monday and shipping day, because those are my beginning and ending days where I have to buy all of my children's gifts online," says Leach.

Leach, CEO of shopping app, Ibotta, says the best deals overall are still between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

In November, you're looking at 27% discounts!
Prices drop in December with December 23rd having the lowest prices, but again you face the same out of stock risk.

Don't do your shopping the week before Christmas, the out of stock notices double.

And remember get your shopping done before December 20.

"You want to make sure you don't slip into the 20's, like if you're in the 21, 22, 23, you won't be able to benefit from the deals online. Make sure you have a shopping app both for that store and third party, like Ibotta that collect deals across every store because sometimes deals area only available in the mobile channel these days," says Leach.

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