Residents fined $45,000 for pro-police signs

(WPXI) – Residents of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania who refused to take down signs thanking police for busting neighborhood drug dealers appeared in court Thursday.

The signs began as a warning to criminals, but then became thank you notes to officers who helped put drug dealers behind bars.

Shortly after, residents displaying the signs of support got notices in the mail that said fines of $500 would be issued if the signs did not come down.

Canonsburg's zoning office says that a homeowner on Giffin, who rented to several of the suspects who were arrested, threatened to sue the city if they did not enforce a decades-old ordinance that prohibits signage.

As of Thursday, only one sign, belonging to Cindy Davis, remained displayed. She now owes about $45,000 but said she's not backing down.

"People need to stand up. We need to take our neighborhood back," Davis said.