Missing man found dead in Montgomery County


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – A manhunt for a killer is underway after a man was found dead and his vehicle set on fire in Montgomery County.

The young man's father spoke with KPRC 2 News, saying his son was the victim of a hate crime.

"He was the kind of kid that really felt empowered by helping people," Marc Pourner Sr. said.

Like father like son, Marc Pourner, who worked as an EMT, passed down his name to his son and his big heart. He said people could see his giving nature through his son's smile.

"Marc was our only son, and we always feared for his safety, because he was kind of a naive kid, too trusting," his father said.

His parents believe that their son's willingness to trust others blindly led him into a dangerous situation. They noticed something was wrong when they hadn't heard from Marc, 28, last week.

"His roommates called us on Friday and told us that the previous night around 1 a.m., he had a very loud and emotional conversation on the telephone that woke the whole house. He left the residence and was never seen again," his father said.

They filed a missing person's report with deputies and soon found out Marc Pourner Jr. went to a friend's house, but that is where the trail went cold until investigators arrived to FM 1485 and Fire Tower Road. According to Montgomery County sheriff's deputies, his truck was found burned in the woods. His body was found there, too, but not inside of the truck.

As detectives continue to collect evidence and follow new leads, his parents have started a collection of their own. Their son's belongings now sit in their formal dinning room, a constant reminder that their son isn't coming home.

"Our grieving is beginning, but the solace of seeing how many people that love this kid and are expressing the love and adoration for our son is tempering our grief," said his father.

There will be a vigil in Marc Pourner Jr.'s memory at 8 p.m. Wednesday at FM 1485 and Fire Tower Road.