Houston Newsmakers: Nov. 15: Holocaust and civil rights, helping Houston's homeless teens

HOUSTON – It's been 50 years since the March on Selma and the signing of the Voting Rights Act. The Holocaust Museum Houston looks into whether the racism of the 1960s continues to permeate our society.

The Ruth Vinn Hendler Lack Lecture Series features Dartmouth Professor Susannah Heschel, whose father marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jonathan Lack, the chair of the lecture series, said the effect of racism is a topic for us all.

"We're all Americans and this is an American issue that everybody should have a voice in, but a constructive voice," he said.

Laurence Payne, who is on the lecture committee, said the key is having valuable dialogue.

"It's a great time to learn from that past (and) inform the present so we can work on the future together," Payne said.

Information on the free lecture and the optional box dinner and discussion preceding it is provided in this week's Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and in the "More Information" area below.

Homeless Houston teens

Thousands of Houston teenagers are living on Houston streets every night. Covenant House Texas reaches out to help thousands every year and invites executives to take part in the Covenant House Vigil and Executive Sleepout to raise awareness and funds to help in their efforts.


Kimberly Upchurch, director of the Covenant House Rights of Passage program, said, "An estimated 2,400 teens are homeless or couch surfing or in some type of distress situation where they will possibly be homeless shortly."

Alan Arnold, real estate investment director for Rice University, will sleep out as a small way to call attention to the issue.

"It's not comfortable, but it's a sliver for one evening of what these youths go through every day," he said.


The U of H Football Experience: What is it? It is a film that recently won three Emmys for photography, editing and directing. The people behind it are Alex and Whitney Douglas, the husband-wife team and owners of Sculpting with Time Productions.

Whitney Douglas said the 8-month project was unique.

"Seeing all of the sacrifice and dedication and commitment that it takes to be an athlete on this level and seeing how they all come together as brothers to tackle the college football world was really cool to be a part of," she said.

See the film by clicking here.

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