La Marque ISD loses accreditation, risks closure


LA MARQUE, Texas – The Texas Education Agency announced Thursday that the LaMarque Independent School District has lost its accreditation and is now ordered closed effective July 1, 2016.

"La Marque lSD was assigned an accreditation status of not accredited-revoked for 2014-2015 pursuant to 19 Texas Administrative Code §97.1 055(d)(1 )(C) because the district received a rating of academically unacceptable for 2011, and a rating of improvement required in the state's academic accountability rating system for 2013 and 2014," Commissioner of Education Michael Williams said in a statement. "In addition, La Marque lSD was assigned a financial accountability rating of substandard achievement for 2011-2012."

Williams said the decision is final and that his decision regarding the annexation of the district.

He said a conservator will be assigned to the district. The conservator, Doris Delaney, will:

  • Oversee the financial management and governance of the district to ensure the district complies with state and federal law
  • Attending board meetings, including executive sessions, and directing the board as necessary
  • Oversee all closure activities of the district.

Any questions regarding the closure can be emailed to EnforcementCoordination@tea.texas.gov.