Restaurant Report Card: Roachers and rodents invade several eateries


HOUSTON – Roaches and rodents invaded several Houston Restaurants this week.

First stop, the Hubcap Grill at 1133 W. 19th St. in the Heights.

Health inspectors spied a live roach on the floor in the kitchen.

Must get an exterminator in there ASAP.

Next stop, Champ Burger at 304 Sampson.

Roaches were also found inside the restaurant there.

Restaurant ordered to keep windows closed and provide a screen for the pickup window to keep those roaches out.

Rodent droppings landed KC Seafood and Grill on the list this week.

The restaurant, at 482 Maxey Road had fresh rodent feces on kitchen shelves.

And it was slime, slime, and more slime for several other food joints.

Baytown Seafood at 9205 S. Main had black slime in its ice machine.

Ice was dumped and the machine was cleaned.

Lucky's Pub at 2110 Rusk was ordered to throw out food and ice because of pink slime.

And Little Woodrow's in the Heights at 2631 White Oak Drive condemned 300 pounds of ice.

Workers ordered to clean out the ice machine to get rid of all the slime.

Two spots that got some A plus action this week, the Americana Café at 5120 Woodway and Lupe Tortilla at 318 Stafford.

Both walked away with a clean bill of health. 

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