Father's truck stolen from hospital


HOUSTON – A father is down on his luck after thieves stole his truck as he was visiting his daughter in the hospital.

Cole Milum said his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter recently came down with a blood infection. Milum said she was preparing for surgery at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center when three men stole his 2002 Dodge Ram in the parking lot.

"From my understanding the surveillance tape shows three white males trying to jimmy the locks," Milum said.

Milum said the thieves not only stole his truck, they stole his livelihood. Milum works as a welder and said he had more than $20,000 worth of equipment in the truck. 

"Whenever my daughter gets out of surgery, I'm going to go home and I have nothing to go to work with," Milum said. "I have nothing to make money with now."

He said the worst part about it, other than the fact that it happened at a hospital, is the thieves must have seen his daughter's car seat in the truck, but that did not stop them. 

"I know cars get stolen every day, but it takes a special breed of person to come steal someone's livelihood, knowing there are children involved," Milum said.

Tuesday evening HPD contacted Milum to tell him they found his truck near Interstate 10 and McCarty. Milum told KPRC 2 all his equipment is gone and the truck no longer works.

A GoFundMe account has been established to support Milum.