KPRC 2 News' James Starks takes on 'American Ninja Warrior' course

HOUSTON – The historic season finale of "American Ninja Warrior" aired on Channel 2, showcasing the strength, endurance and dedication of this year's contestants.

A gym in the Houston area is known as a hot bed for warrior competitors who make it on the show every year.

KPRC 2 News' James Starks checked it out to see if he has what it takes to conquer the course.

Houston's Sam Sann is a legend on the show. He trains ninjas at Iron Sports.

"First of all, you've sent how many people to the show from this gym?" asked Starks.

Sann answered, "This year alone we've sent about 30 competitors."

Just to be sure, Starks asked, "30? Three-zero?"

"Three-zero," Sann said.

Could Starks be contestant No. 31? Sann's crew set up a special course for him.

"I outweigh you by 65 pounds," Starks said to Sann. "You can do all this stuff with your eyes closed. What kind of tips do you have?"

Sann answered, "Work on the grip strength -- grip strength is your main, main ingredient. You have no grip, and you know your TV time won't last very long!"

Sann's crew put together the most popular and toughest ninja obstacles like the jumping spider and the warped wall.

"What do I know right before I get started?" asked Starks.

Sann said, "You just have to be able to adapt to the course. It requires more than just strength."

KPRC 2 News asked Astros play-by-play announcer Bill Brown to call Starks' ninja course run. It went like this:

"Next up on the course, anchor, athlete, former NFL player and KPRC sports anchor, reporter James Starks! And he's off. It's a clean swing to the cargo net! Look at that hussle!"

"Up next, the jumping spider. It takes out more contestants than any other obstacle on 'American Ninja Warrior.'"

"Whoa, folks, did you see that? He landed the jumping spider! He's not playing around!"

"Next, the rings. James is concentrating, swinging the legs -- looking good. He gets it done!"

"These next obstacles are harder than they look. They require tremendous balance, when your body is already exhausted."

"James makes the first set. Now the plank. Oh! A quick bobble, but good recovery!"

"Look at him on the saw horse. The bear crawls from his CrossFit are coming into play here. Now James is taking some deep breaths before the warped wall. He does it! There it is! Unbelievable!"