Man uses dog as weapon against officer

PARK CITY, Kansas – A Kansas man is charged with animal cruelty after police said he tried to use a dog as a weapon.

After a report of a suspicious character, an officer arrived near Fairchild Street where a Park City man appeared to be under the influence of something, roaming through yards and kicking fences.

The suspect tried to walk away before charging at the officer. When a Taser and pepper spray were ineffective, the man picked the dog up, throwing it at the officer. Then swung the dog by the leash using it as a weapon.

"I have seen people try to use a dog and sick it on someone as a weapon, but I've never seen someone pick up a dog and swing it in the air and use it as a weapon. No, that's a first," said Chief Phil Bostain, with the Park City Police Department.

When backup arrived, officers were able to get him to the ground. Witnesses were impressed by the officers.

The dog is OK and now in the protective custody at the animal shelter.

"Everyone sees that a little dog like this is defense. This dog is not here by its own choice and it's used a weapon against someone it's disturbing," Bostain said.