Major bike lane overhaul could come to W. Alabama Street

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HOUSTON – West Alabama is one the city's busiest surface streets in the Montrose and Upper Kirby area.

Cars buzz down the road all day and when you add in bicyclists, some say it can be downright dangerous.

"The drivers need to be considerate but so do the cyclists. I've come close to some cyclists in the middle of the street," resident Frances Miller said.

Council member Ellen Cohen is pushing for a major overhaul of West Alabama.

"West Alabama is in dreadful shape," she said. "You might have a bike lane on each side or you might have both bike lanes as well as a pedestrian walkway as well as a place to push your stroller, together on one side."

There's also discussion about doing away with the reversible lane on that road all together.

If the project is approved, construction could begin as early as 2016.