Fashion is Everything brings mixture of high fashion, street flavor to Houston

HOUSTON – The best and the brightest of Houston's fashion industry strutted their stuff to show that Fashion is Everything.  From the tots to the millennials and from the chic to the unique, local designers and models came together to rip the runway at the Houston Health Museum on May 30, showing off what's hot and hip in today's clothing.

Fashion is Everything 2015 was launched by Michael Jefferson, CEO of Monarch Worldwide Entertainment, and event coordinator Eva Alegria.  Jefferson believes the showcase was the start of something big in the city.

"I see Fashion Is Everything being a major platform that will leverage all local aspiring models and designers. Fashion Is Everything will raise the bar and become the standard in Houston," Jefferson said.

Monarch Worldwide Entertainment is the company behind local late-night TV show, "The Session," and the show's host and spokesmodel Chasity Bobino also hosted the fashion show.

"Houston is known for its diversity and art. To me, Fashion is art! It's also something that really isn't highlighted in our city. When you think of "high fashion," you would normally think of New York or Paris. It feels good to say and show that it also exists here in Houston. Better yet, home! And I'm thrilled to be a part of it," Bobino said.  "Fashion Is Everything is going to give the models and designers the best of both worlds; the luxury of showcasing their talents to one another all while at home. It's giving them the opportunity to make their mark, and walk up to other doors of opportunity. Just a year ago, I was a model in Fashion Is Everything. And now I'm hosting The Session TV Show. So who knows what you may be doing next!"

During the show, there was live performances, two DJs, an amazing light show and several vendors to shop with.  In addition to showcasing designers, the mission was to focus on health and wellness throughout the community, partnering with the Lupus Foundation/ Texas Gulf Coast Chapter and Texas Children's Pediatrics to raise awareness of childhood obesity. But from health to high fashion, the night was all about the looks.

A crowd favorite among models and attendees was Presidential Wear, a hip new apparel line bringing swag, pizazz and confidence to everyone who rocks the gear.

Ray Howard, CEO of Presidential Wear, says it's about expression.

"Presidential Wear is a brand that stands for being true to you and making a statement. You should be able to express who you are and be the boss of your own path," Howard says.

Howard started his company as a music label, Presidential Records, but after seeing the popularity of the brand itself, decided to expand it.

Artists representing the "Presidential Lifestyle" to the fullest gave Howard the inspiration to expand his branding for his artists and share it with fans, music and fashion lovers.  #IAmPresidential became a movement, and under the various labels and designs, there is something for everyone.  Presidential Kids, Presidential Star, Presidential U.S.A., I Am Presidential, Presidential Sports and Presidential Soldier are just a few of the different logos one can choose to show their pride and patriotism.

Model Christina Reyes, took military gear to a new level with the Presidential Soldier, mixing leather, camouflage and the brand's signature hat. 

"I felt presidential in my outfit.  It was a pleasure walking for the line," Reyes said.

Heads held high, those who wear it, will definitely not be just another face in the crowd.

"You don't have to be the president, but you do have to be presidential. This clothing line made for the prestige," said Wonder Houston, another feature model.  "It [Presidential Wear] was my favorite. I truly enjoyed the dedication put behind this clothing line. Mr. Howard displayed the definition of great representation."

Other designers included Tereza Suessman Designs, Tropic Couture, The Luxury Shirts Co., Selective Taste Boutique, Glory Fitness, H. Harloquin, Krystle Holnes Gournet and Posh Kids Couture.  Posh Kids could have definitely won a "cuteness award" for the funky little babies who sashayed the runway.

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