City examining flood response

HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Annise Parker met with the City Council on Wednesday to reexamine the city's response to the flooding in Houston. She spoke about the city's recovery efforts and what it means for the future.

Though flood waters have gone down, there are problems that remain.

Parker said six people have died as a result of the flood in Houston, and that one person is missing. About 1,400 structures are damaged, 1,083 cars towed and 66 city vehicles were damaged. Twenty of those vehicles belong to the Houston Fire Department and 30 belong to the Houston Police Department.

"Any time we lose somebody here in a weather event, you examine what happened and whether it's something we could have done better," Parker said.

"So we'll do a complete situation analysis, we'll examine every aspect of the response because we want to, for those people who lost their lives and the family of those people who lost their lives, we owe it to them to look at where there's anything we can possibly do better the next time around. I think all city personnel performed in an exemplary manner."