Cleanup underway after kerosene spill in Baytown's Cedar Bayou

BAYTOWN, Texas – From the air from Sky 2, the thick film from a fuel spill pouring down Cedar Bayou into Tabs Bay in Baytown was clear to see. What's not known is exactly how much is in the water or how it got there.

"I spend a lot of time in this water," Baytown resident Scott Kana said.

Kana uses the bayou quite a bit. He was on the water Sunday afternoon when the sight and smell of the fuel was so strong he and his friends left for Kemah instead.

"It just looked like spilling gasoline on wet concrete pretty much," he says. The whole top layer was just a sheen."

The Coast Guard is in charge of the cleanup and says the fuel is likely kerosene -- somewhere less than 1,000 gallons. Channel 2 found two teams of hazmat crews leaving after a day's worth of cleanup -- but the source of the spill still hasn't been determined.

In the meantime no public notices have been issued and people continue to use the water. That has a lot of folks concerned.

"We should've heard something," says resident Terrianne Robinson. "I mean, considering our properties and everything all back up to this."

"I'm not going to do any fishing in here, that's for sure," says Scott Kana. "I'm concerned citizens of Baytown are out here fishing at the moment and the water is covered in Kerosene."

The Coast Guard says no public notices were issued about the spill because they believe they dealing with a small spill, likely "much less" than 1,000 gallons. However the smell of kerosene from the water was still very strong late Monday evening.

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