Billboard in SW Houston offers help to sex trade workers


HOUSTON – If you have driven down Highway 59 lately going southbound near Fountainview Drive, you might have seen a bold new crime-fighting billboard.

The billboard asks several questions: "Trapped in the sex industry? Want a new life?" It offers a number to call to put you in touch with Christian-based group Rescue Houston.

"We just want them to be thinking about the future impact of what they're involved in right now," Tera of Rescue Houston said.

Rescue Houston says Houston is one of the top three cities in the country for human trafficking. A representative said that includes the sex trade and women who might feel trapped with no options.

"It is a major problem here and there are still not enough beds, not enough resources for them to know how to access the resources that are available for them," Tera said.

Rescue Houston put up the billboard in southwest Houston on 59 for a reason. Now the group says prostitutes, men and even those offering help now call.

"That is actually a location where a lot of sexual exploitation does take place," Tera said. "A lot of the women who called our helpline have been from that area, even prior to the billboard going up in that area."

Rescue Houston says a team of women and men are prepared to help women trying to escape. Support continues for a year and includes setting and achieving goals.