Dog dies after being shot at Bay Area dog park


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A dog that was shot Sunday at a dog park in the Bay Area has died.

Officials say the incident happened on the 7500 block of East Bay Area Boulevard.

The dog was shot by a man who claimed the dog was too rough with his dog.

"I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight," an eyewitness said. "I'm going to hear the sound of those bullets. All of that blood gushing out of that poor little animal."

This witness said he will never forget the horrific scene that played out in front of him when a man wielding a handgun suddenly opened fire and shot a Staffordshire bull terrier three times at close range.

"The dog cries, he moves closer," he said. "Pow, pow, two more bullets go into that dog. That dog is bleeding from the mouth."

The dog was 2-year-old Diesel -- a black and white Staffordshire bull terrier -- who was rushed to the VCA Animal Emergency Hospital on Interstate 45 South with a shattered front leg and two bullet wounds to the back.

As for the gun-wielding dog owner, he was detained, questioned by Harris County sheriff's deputies and released.

"He doesn't have any remorse," the witness said. "He's angry. All of that aggression. We're all telling him, 'I hope you go to jail.' His dog was not in danger...he was not in danger. I don't understand how they are not pressing charges. I witnessed everything. No one was in danger."

The Harris County District Attorney's Office said the Sheriff's Office is bringing its completed investigation to the DA's Office for review.