30 shots fired during home invasion in Tomball

TOMBALL, Texas – Neighbors who live in the Lakewood Grove subdivision in Tomball are on edge after a violent home invasion in the community overnight on Monday.

The homeowner and suspects fired back and forth more than a dozen times, according to Precinct 4 deputy constables.

Investigators say it was just after midnight, the homeowner was alone and asleep but woke up when his front door was kicked in. The homeowner saw his front door kicked in, but had a weapon on him.

Assistant Chief Mark Herman said, "The homeowner ended up in fear for his life. He discharged his weapon multiple times. The suspects returned fire. We haven't confirmed anyone was hit."

Witnesses say the suspects took off in a red Dodge pickup truck. It's not believed the suspects knew the homeowner, who lives at the two story residence on Maplewick Drive.

"It appears to just be a random home invasion. There again, the gentlemen was keen enough to have his pistol for protection," Herman said.