Woman claims being targeted after buying designer items

Houston-area woman purchased handbag, wallet at the Galleria


SPRING, Texas – A Houston-area woman said she was targeted by a thief or thieves after she purchased a designer handbag and wallet from the Galleria.

Melisa Barnes admitted that she has always wanted to own a Louis Vuitton purse and decided to buy one as a gift for her birthday. She said her coworkers contributed to the purchase.

"They knew that at work, so they were nice enough to pull money together for my birthday. Everybody collected," she said.

Barnes said she spent almost $2,000 on a Louis Vuitton purse and wallet from the Galleria, then made a stop at an HEB grocery store in Spring near her home.

That's where Barnes said someone smashed a passenger window in her car and stole the designer goods while she was grocery shopping.

"Just straight from the store to my car to gone," she said. "We work hard for our money to have nice things, and you just come and take it."

Barnes filed a police report and said she spent almost $200 getting her car window fixed.

She told Local 2 she thinks she may have been followed from the mall to the grocery store and won't go to the mall the next time she plans on making a big purchase.

"Order it online. Have it delivered. (You) have to sign for it," Barnes said.

Barnes contacted her insurance company and wants to file a claim.