Neighbors upset about dead and malnourished farm animals in Crosby

CROSBY, Texas – A neighborhood dispute is unfolding in Crosby on Friday, where families say a woman has two dead mules decomposing on her property.

Nestled alongside an otherwise quiet country road, is a sight those who live nearby say screams trouble.

Jim Gowton lives with his son-in-law Jeremy LeBlanc and daughter next door to what they describe as an absolute mess -- farm animals overflowing their neighbor's yard.

"Every couple of months we noticed one of the animals would be dead," Gowton said. "They're sitting there, they're starving and eating cardboard. It's terrible."

Neighbors say the animals have not been properly fed or tended to for some time now.

Even worse, they say the animals lay helpless.

"This is just a tragedy," LeBlanc said. "If you starve an animal and let it sit there, it's rotten, it's raining. Whatever disease is just going to flow over into my yard. I have kids."