Van Vleck ISD vice president faces theft charges


HOUSTON – A small town school board vice president is facing big theft charges.

Suzanne Tijerina is charged with felony theft, accused of stealing $12,000 from the district's athletic booster club.

Tijerina is the vice president of the Van Vleck Independent School District's school board. She was free Thursday after posting a $20,000.

The school board wants to assure parents, these allegations don't involve her work on the school board.  In a statement, the district said, "The  District  recently  became  aware  that  one  of  its  school  board  members  was  arrested  under  allegations  of misconduct  regarding  the  individual's  involvement  with  a  local  booster  club.   We  wish  to  reassure  our community  that  there  has  been  no  allegation  of  any  impropriety  regarding  the  individual's  functions  as  a member of the Van Vleck ISD Board of Trustees...Van Vleck ISD school  board  members  do  not  directly  handle  school  funds,  nor  are  they  individually  able  to  authorize  the expenditure  of  school  money."